Built by Google’s former AI team, Aidaptive's artificial intelligence and machine learning platform puts revenue on autopilot.

Aidaptive is powering the next generation of commerce with a new breed of enterprise-grade artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics platform that's accessible to all.

Our History:
Aidaptive was founded by Rakesh Yadav in 2021. Rakesh spent the last 14+ years at Google focused on founding and building the Machine Learning platforms powering Google Ads and Payments.

The team today has more than 50+ years of combined machine learning experience and is funded by Dell Technologies Capital, SHAKTI, and more than a dozen veteran Silicon Valley technologists and business leaders.

If you are passionate about solving real business problems with cutting-edge technology and are looking forward to being part of something great, then Aidaptive is for you. Join us today!





Business Development & Marketing


Product Management


Meet Our Team

See the whole team and more on our main website: https://jarvisml.com/about/

  • Rakesh Yadav

    Founder & CEO

  • Evan Dolgow

    Business Development

  • Ricardo De Andrade

    Software Engineer

  • Katie Keyser

    Business Development

  • Lawrence Tran

    Software Engineer

  • Shivan Kolhe

    Software Engineer

  • Parth Sharma

    Software Engineer

  • Laxmi Eeti

    Software Engineer

  • Kedar Hindupur

    Software Engineer

  • Sophia Cheng


  • Brian Bird

    Head of Business Development

  • Nick Budincich


  • Naoki Shima

    Founding Software Engineer

  • Chichen Liu

    Business Development

  • Olivier Lombart

    Software Engineer

  • Khushboo Patel

    Software Engineer

  • Nayan Vemula

    Software Engineer

  • Mizuki Sango

    Software Engineer

  • Joey Spino

    Business Development

  • Vandana Nallamothu

    Product Manager