Enterprise-grade Machine Learning should be accessible to all. That’s precisely why we started Jarvis ML.

Our Mission
Every company should be able to call itself a Machine Learning company. Our goal in starting Jarvis ML (now Aidaptive) was to build the Machine Learning as a Service platform to make that vision a reality for emerging, growth-stage and enterprise level companies that have one thing in common: data that can be better utilized.

Aidaptive’s predictive personalization engines give online businesses the power to automatically predict the affinity and intent of prospective customers, then deliver personalized content to them in real time (including recommended products, website search results, and copy).

Powered by Jarvis ML, Aidaptive’s mission is to empower any sized eCommerce or hospitality brand with the power of enterprise-grade machine learning.

Our History:
Founded by Rakesh Yadav, whose 14+ years at Google focused on founding and building the Machine Learning platforms powering Google Ads and Payments, the Jarvis ML story began in 2021 with the emergence of the Decade of Machine Learning.




Business Development & Marketing


Product Management

Meet Our Team

See the whole team and more on our main website: https://jarvisml.com/about/

  • Rakesh Yadav

    Founder & CEO

  • Evan Dolgow

    Business Development

  • Ricardo De Andrade

    Software Engineer

  • Katie Keyser

    Business Development

  • Lawrence Tran

    Software Engineer

  • Shivan Kolhe

    Software Engineer

  • Parth Sharma

    Software Engineer

  • Laxmi Eeti

    Software Engineer

  • Kedar Hindupur

    Software Engineer

  • Sophia Cheng


  • Brian Bird

    Head of Business Development

  • Nick Budincich


  • Naoki Shima

    Founding Software Engineer

  • Chris Lambert

    Software Engineer

  • Chichen Liu

    Business Development

  • Olivier Lombart

    Software Engineer

  • Khushboo Patel

    Software Engineer

  • Nayan Vemula

    Software Engineer

  • Mizuki Sango

    Software Engineer

  • Joey Spino

    Business Development

  • Vandana Nallamothu

    Product Manager